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The People in and around the Cavendish

Well its the mid 80s here we are at the Cavendish Hotel ....here I am with Anita Dobson and friends .......in the bar of course...and in colour with Tina...can we remember them..well most I can Tina with Anita names....Ray, Wendy, Charlie and her sister Jo, Chris, Tony, Sheila, and so many more....
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Charlie and
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Ricky James
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Customer relations
Tony Gibson
Tony (Baron Knights)
Windsurf Club
Freddie Arnold
87 Birthday
Ricky James
Anita and I
Charlie and ?????
My Cavey Sail
Tina and Anita
The flood of 53
Charlie and Dennise
Some of the gang
EZ Lay
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Ricky James
The Gibsons
Tina’s Dad
Police Party
Eric Bristow
Cavendish Hotel
Dinning Room
Safety First