And now the story

Its now Friday 3rd November 2017, what a great few days three days ago a event that I had planned for some time failed. I had been spending the hour on my island asking god to let me die. well that faied so did I I need to write down yesterdays happenings before they are lost….I was taken from my bed to court then the police station then back to court then sent on my lonsome way ….details will follow,,,here I was just returned from hospital for taking an overdose…this time I realy thought it migt work….no as usual a failed Johnstone again…but great to be free maybe with my tablets to wandre off from the court with nothing no money no phone no nothing except my tablets….maybe the good lord was giving me a chance to try again A strange thing happend todat 3/11/ one of the police offices involved with my arrest had a chat to me and mazzy about how bad my medication had been for him…and he thought it was dangerous and I should get off it …..I will add at this point the two offices who arrested me could not have been more careing they are a great example of good  policing as I remember