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We have been reporting things that happen in and around Pembroke Dock for the last few years just click a link to view (we are currently repopulating the links come back soon)
My assistant Cameraman
Some films are on a separate account within YouTube
Some of the links on this site may not function all the Pembroke Dock Movies can be found by clicking the button below For other movies see the YouTube feeds below
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Moonlightblue and the Pembroke Dock News Portal have recorded over 150 short movies over the years Click on the beside “Play list” and use your mouse pointer to pull down the right-hand scroll bar have fun
Movies 2007/2008 2008 Ice Rink Toy Run 2008 Jump Track Visit Seagull Squadron? Tesco jelly trap Sunderland Fly in ! Offshore Power Boat Maritime Heritage Festival 2008 Brommy Reception Hobbs Point Clean Townscape Heritage Llanion Communities First Memorial Park Friends MHPA Presentation Oscar Wilde 2007 Toy Ride Boys Birthday 2007 Seagull Squadron? Tesco jelly trap Heavy lift
Movies 2009 Lantern Parade 2009 Pembroke Dock Summer Festival New Mayor Making 2009 Civic Reception 2009 Western Way Clean Tanks for the memory Tidy Town Week 2009
Movies 2010 Three Amigos Bike Run Lantern Parade December 2010 Winter Festival Fireworks The Mayor Christmas Message Sunderland's at Pembroke Dock All that was the Blitz/Open Doors Wartime firefighters remembered Sea Fair Haven 2010 The Movie Mid Summer Festival Pictures and Movies June 2010 Pembroke Dock Pedal Air Ambulance arrives in the Dockyard Normandy remembered Milford Haven Civic Service Hobbs Point Presentation Civic Dinner 2010 May 2010 Civic Service 2010 Swans Wroxham May 2010 You've read the agenda now the movie, Llanion Communities First AGM 2010 School Memorial Park Presentation Jumbo Challenger 26th May 2010 "Missed Approach"January 19th 2010
Movies 2011/2012 The 3 Amigos Toy Run Lantern Parade and Fireworks December Fun with Tugs........... BMX Track opened at Memorial Park Cormorant on his Fishing Pole The Movie Let the Wind Blow High Blitz Weekend September Spirit of Adventure arrives at POP1 Sailing Away July 2011 Summer Festival Vibe School of Dance 2011 Cruise Ship Minerva Pembroke Dock 2011 Summer Festival Pembrokeshire Falconry Summer Festival Vagrants Crew June 2011 Summer Festival Local History Walk June 2011 Summer Festival Fried Gold Theatre Company Summer Festival Railroad Bill June 2011 Summer Festival Storyteller June 2011 Summer Festival Pembroke Dock Pedal Scheepfolk, Dutch Shanty Band “Svenja”World’s Largest Heavy LiftMarch2011
Movies 2013 Whisky Business at the Summer Festival. Let the celebrations begin......2014 Bi- Centenary The 3 Amigos Easter Run 2013 In Memory of Don Cook Ron Watts honoured
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