The Cavendish Hotel


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The Cavendish Hotel Lament We tried our best to save her The brave defenders cry, We didn't want to lose her And she didn't want to die! She's stood alone for decades Against the eastern sky She stood until at last she caught The developer's greedy eye! When quick returns and profit are the order of the day, The feelings of the people are coldly thrown away. They forgot the times of trouble in the floods of `53, Her doors flung wide in welcome for the likes of you and me. She gave shelter for the stricken and all she had to give, Now in times of trouble should be allowed to live. But now her face is fading from salty North Sea air, Within her walls a feeling of sadness and despair. Her masters signed the warrant, She's served their purpose well. They've sucked the life-blood from Her I hope they rot in Hell! But life goes on relentless, as history writers tell. And here once stood a building we knew and loved so well. So raise your glasses proudly before they ring the bell. The toast is, "Ann and Andrew" and "THE CAVENDISH HOTEL". If on an autumn evening as the early mist rolls in, You find yourself along the beach, You'll hear a spooky din. It's the ghostly sounds of E.Z.Lay playing in the bar, And Andrew Johnstone singing Catch a falling star. David J. West November 1987